The word “Hospitality” means friendly and generous behaviour towards guests. Apart from Bank, Media, Hospital, Hotel and Corporate, the other Hospitality sectors also come under Hospitality. It is booming at a rapid pace. This industry offers a myriad of exciting and diverse career opportunities for people across all Cultural, Social and National Boundaries. The gap between demand and supply for Hotel Industry Professionals is huge.
The Hospitality Industry is the world ‘s biggest employer, where you can enjoy professional life. The modern economy offers a great variety of Employment possibilities. In this industry you can have a career as : Relationship Manager, Sales & Marketing, PRO. You can also start your own business such as Interior Decorator, Housekeeping Service, Catering and Food outlets.
Indian Institute of Hotel Management gives a wide International exposure… Indian Institute of Hotel Management is giving a golden opportunity to its students for building their career through international qualification in Hospitality Management. This course has been designed specifically to prepare students for a global management career. Successful participants can expect employment in leading Hotels on higher education abroad.
Indian Institute of Hotel Management provides an unique opportunity for the students to choose a main course and also specific lessons to develop linguistic ability and other skills for research and study in USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, China. They are given theory classes for six months and on job training with stipend for the next six months on the core subjects like:

  •   Food Production
  •   Accommodation Operation
  •   Food and Beverage Service
  •   Front Office Operation